A personal and experimental project by SOPH. "Hirofumi Kiyonaga".
For 2 years from April 2017 to April 2019, the store opened as a physical store in Akasaka, Fukuoka City. Using part of the space for experimental POP-UP shops, various original products were available there exclusively. In November 2020, started the online store based on concept of "Can get from anywhere", changed from the physical store’s concept "Can only buy here". A new experimental project of "KIYONAGA&CO." has started.




清永 浩文 - Hirofumi Kiyonaga

1967年大分県生まれ。98年 "SOPH." を(2002年に "SOPHNET." へ改名)、翌99年に "F.C.Real Bristol" を、2008年には "uniform experiment" をスタートする。

Born in Oita-City, Kyushu, Japan in 1967.
In 1998, founded his own company and brand "SOPH."(The brand name changed from "SOPH." to "SOPHNET." in 2002.) Started "F.C.Real Bristol"(1999) and "uniform experiment"(2008).
More than 20 years after its establishment, he continues to lead the domestic scene with a challenging strategy.