HIP HOPの様々なグッズの世界的主要コレクターである DJ ROSS ONE が長年集めた HIP HOP Vintage Tee のカタログ "RAP TEES(ラップティーズ)" の日本企画商品ローンチを記念し、アパレルやグッズなどの "RAP TEES" プロダクトを先行発売した第14弾実験的ポップアップ "RAP TEES at KIYONAGA&CO."。
期間中は貴重なHIP HOPのヴィンテージTシャツや本展のために製作された "RAP TEES for KIYONAGA&CO." プロダクトも販売され大好評のなか閉幕した。

The Japanese product launch of the catalog "RAP TEES" of HIP HOP Vintage Tee collected for a long time by DJ ROSS ONE who is a great collector of HIP HOP goods.
For the 14th POP-UP, "RAP TEES at KIYONAGA&CO." which released the RAP TEES product in advance.
During the period, valuable HIP HOP VINTAGE T-shirt and "RAP TEES for KIYONAGA&CO." product made for this exhibition were sold, and it ended with great popularity.